Who we are

Asheville Printmakers is an independent alliance of artists who express themselves through the medium of the print.
Our memberhip encompasses both experienced and emerging artists, as well as those new to printmaking. We define “the print” broadly to encompass a wide range of processes and content, from traditional to experimental, and classic to contemporary.

Members’ printing methods vary from relief printing such as woodblock, linocut, and wood engraving, to intaglio methods such as drypoint, etching, collagraph, and photogravure. Some use alternative photographic printing processes such as platinum-palladium and gum biochromate; others employ monotype and variable editions in their work. A common thread is a hands-on involvement in making prints.

Members of Asheville Printmakers are self-identified. An interest in printmaking and the motivation to create with artistic intent, and payment of annual dues of $10.00, are the criteria for membership. Meetings of Asheville Printmakers are open to interested artists.

Our meetings include various activities, including sharing recent work, critique, exhibit planning, and printmaking demonstrations. Our gatherings and discussions inspire and energize us to create on a regular basis.

Asheville Printmakers 2014-2024

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