Printing resources


  • McClain's : Printmaking SuppliesSupplies and tools for relief printmaking
  • Graphic Chemical & Ink Co : Supplies and tools for all types of printing
  • Mountain Intaglio : Photopolymer plates for intaglio printing and printmaking supplies 
  • Conrad Machine Co : Fine Art Etching, Monotype, Combination and Lithography Presses and printmaking supplier
  • Takach Press : Fine Art Printing Presses, Print Studio Equipment and printmaking supplies
  • Art Boards : Source for woodblocks for wood engraving
  • Hiromi Paper : Source for Japanese and other Asian paper and supplies
  • Cape Fear Press : Source for some specialized etching supplies. US source for Phoenix photogravure tissue and Izote etching inks
  • Jerry's Artarama : Comprehensive online source for discounted art supplier


  • Delta Graphics : A service bureau for scanning and imagesetter output
  • Boxcar Press : Ready-to-print relief photopolymer plates from your image files


  • Penland School of Crafts : The one stop shop for learning virtually anything about art or craft
  • Crown Point Press : Crown Point is an legendary atelier that holds several classes each summer in intaglio printmaking

Printmaking Organizations

Asheville Printmakers

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