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Anne Bessac

Drawing is an act through which Anne comes to know her world and herself. But printmaking taught her the love of process, the expressive power of ink to paper. Between the act of observation and demands of process, her images are transformed into the poetry of seeing. Her work reveals a consistent and particular sensibility rather than a signature style or technique. Observation and process are her partners in generating images that are in her memory and hand. It is through this partnership that the emotional interaction with the fabric of living is conveyed. This intimacy and empathy are at the core of her work.

Anne earned an MFA from University of N.C.-Greensboro where she won the Chancellor Award.  While teaching she took 9 printmaking courses at the University of Georgia, Athens. Later she used her grant monies to take etching workshops at Crown Point Press as well as attend artist-in-residences in Scotland, Cortona and Rome.  Currently she is retired from her 25 year university teaching career. In 2020 she was in a three-woman exhibit, "Diverse, The Contemporary Female Gaze," at the Flood Gallery in Black Mountain, NC.

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