Carol Lawrence

"Creative work begins when we encounter anything that calls us out beyond what we know.” - Sean Kernan

I am pulled forward by discovery, working creatively to interpret what I discover in the world. My basic supplies are an array of paper and book board, piles of photographic images and a variety of small tools. For imagery, I produce archival digital prints, platinum and palladium prints and photographic image transfers. Recently, I’ve added Akua inks and plates to introduce an element of printmaking. From these elements, I create boxes, artist books, images for framing, and boxed portfolios. Always, I try to keep an element of play in my work, so I enjoy the experiments. I am particularly happy when I am making things . . . a box, a book, a slipcase, a collection of photographs. In all my efforts, I’m looking for beauty and, perhaps, an element of surprise or something compelling.

Being part of Asheville Printmakers broadens and enriches my appreciation for all that printmaking can encompass.

Instagram: CarolLawrenceCreative

Asheville Printmakers

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