Carol Lawrence

My efforts in photography, and everything creative, come from a lifelong desire to make things.

As soon as I could use a machine, I began sewing. I first made clothing, then quilts. Years of sewing taught me about color, pattern and precision. And about overcoming failure with perseverance.

Along the way, I became interested in paper. I began making hand-crafted journals and taught myself to make boxes. At a local university, I ventured into art courses in drawing and design. In these classes, I began to develop an eye for design and personal expression. Workshops, particularly those at Penland and Arrowmont, have helped me build skills in creating boxes. My work in printmaking, thus far, is creating individual palladium prints from black and white photographs.  Projects with Asheville Printmakers broaden my view of all that printmaking can encompass.

My work now includes showcasing prints in unique books and boxes.

I exhibit, on occasion, with the Southeast Center for Photography and with Asheville Printmakers.
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