Denise Markbreit

Denise Markbreit, a native New Yorker arrived in Asheville in 2018 after a three decades long teaching career in the NYC public schools. After retirement, she knew that teaching and learning were always going to be an integral part of her life. The concept of a community shared space that specialized in all things print was a dream that has been realized. She founded Asheville Print Studio which is located in Riverview Station in the River Arts District. The only community printshop in the area, APS is also green, using soy based inks and is solvent and fume free. The studio has themed exhibits, an ever changing group of artists on display, numerous workshops and classes from beginner to advanced topics with many exciting guest artists planned for the coming year as well as community memberships and out reach projects.
Denise holds a BFA from School of School of Visual Arts and an MST from Rochester Institute of Technology. A major influencer to the print work that Denise continues to explore as well as the founding of the studio is Bob Blackburn, whom she studied with as a young art student. She is a founding member of the NYC Urban Sketchers, former member of the National Art League. Her work has been shown in numerous galleries, institution and is in collections across the globe.

Asheville Printmakers 2014-2024

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