Grant Barbour

In my practice, I am constantly collecting images, patterns and narratives, both imagined and referenced. I view all of my work, regardless of the material, as a collage. My interest lies in the juxtaposition of objects, figures, and how they relate to the space they inhabit. These assembled works with all their strange, tragic, and darkly comedic elements are the most genuine way for me to describe my dreams, queer desires, fears, and memories.”

Grant Barbour is a printmaker, drawer, and occasional puppeteer. In 2017, he received his BFA in 2-D Studio Art from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and was awarded the Wardell Milan Art Award of Excellence. He has exhibited in multiple states in the Southeast as well as Omaha, Nebraska. He was also the Featured Artist for the literary and art journal, New Limestone Review in Lexington, Kentucky. He currently works out of his home studio and lives  in Asheville, North Carolina with his dog, Ditto.

Asheville Printmakers

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