Lisa June Eames

June is an artist of varied background as well as a working architect. She is currently working on abstracts in monotype format on the etching press where she experiments with texture, layering, color, and movement. She regularly alternates between the loose format of monotypes, and the detailed figurative and landscape imagery of her solar plate etchings which require a more detailed hand.

She also works in three dimensions in ceramics, glass and wood.

“I view abstract art as a type of poetry that can be interpreted by the viewer in a personal way. My inspiration comes from everywhere but especially from traveling, hiking, and from nature's infinite forms. In addition, the Asheville Printmakers Group and the printmaking community at ABTech have been a key source of support and motivation.”

June has a BS in biology/premed from Albright College, a Masters in Architecture from New Jersey Institute of Technology School of Architecture, and attended Parsons School of Design for several years. She studied glassblowing at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, NY.

Asheville Printmakers 2014-2024

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