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Perry Obee

Perry Obee was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He works across multiple media including painting, drawing, and printmaking. In addition to making his own work, Perry is a Tamarind Master Printer and his studio, Obee Editions, is a professional fine art collaborative print shop located in Black Mountain, NC. The mission of Obee Editions is to provide national and regional artists of all levels access to the expertise of a professional collaborative printer. Perry was recently Visiting Lecturer in Printmaking at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is the recipient of the Connecticut Individual Artist Grant in the area of painting, and a Regional Artist Project Grant from the North Carolina Arts Council for his work in lithography. His prints are held in private and museum collections including the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich, CT and the Print Club of Albany. Perry's personal work addresses a struggle between perception and experience, awkwardness and beauty, approximation and precision, while playing with abilities to decipher graphic form and space. Obee is inspired by the liberated use of color and abstract visual language honed by Modern and Post-Modern artists, such as Matisse, Bonnard, and later, Diebenkorn. Additionally, he is influenced by the graphic quality and economic approach to image making found in Japanese and Chinese Landscape Painting. Website: or follow Perry on instagram @obeeeditions

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