Sheryl Legier Gruenig

Raised on the bayous of French influenced Southern Louisiana, Sheryl  studied art through a prominent Louisiana art teacher who taught his students to create art through many forms of mixed media and hands on  work. Heritage oak trees, moss laden Cypress and farm lands cultivated her love of textures, patterns and organic beauty found in nature. Sheryl works as an interior designer and mixed media artist. She resides with her husband  in Louisiana and part time in the mountains of North Carolina.

Spending time in nature collecting natural leaves and plants to be used in the  work, Sheryl creates a record of those experiences. Each hand pulled print  (monotype) seeks to create a sense of time and place that inspire a feeling of  sacred spaces. The viewer can look beneath the surface of the print to  connect with the revelation of natures’ essence - captured through the many  layers of impressions. As a mixed media artist she works with Monotype  prints, mixed media, collage and fibre arts on both canvas and paper.  Discovery, experimentation and mixing materials bring interest and  excitement to her process.

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