Susana Abell

My work is informed by the natural world and the mountain landscapes that surround me.  For me there is a sense of comfort in the common human experience of earth meeting sky.  We all live here, on this earth, with gravity... and the lack of it.  I am fortunate to see the ridge lines every day and, whether massed in stark contrast or softened in ethereal mist, they always have something new to say, unique to the moment.

Working in encaustic monotype, each print is completely unique. They are made by creating a reverse image in pigmented beeswax melted onto a heated aluminum plate.  Paper pressed onto the plate absorbs the wax image.  I overprint, paint onto the wax or add elements until I am satisfied then mount prints onto board and finish with multiple layers of encaustic medium. Each successive layer is fused with a torch or heat gun.

Working with melted beeswax, color and heat is a journey of experimentation, pleasantly infused with the scent of honey.  There is always an element of surprise to the process.  The interacting variables of temperature, liquidity, pressure, absorbency and even the weather all come into play.  As such, this printmaking process provides the opportunity for a curious dance between intention and chance.

I hope to to offer the viewer an experience with my art that is as peaceful, mysterious and meditative as the process of creating it is for me.


Asheville Printmakers 2014-2024

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